Top 5 benefits of big penis

Regardless of the size of your own dick, here are some facts about penises and a top 5 benefits if you have a bigger one.

Everybody knows hat an abnormally small penis is a medical concern, a condition where the penis is well below the human average in size and can create even health problems. For example complications during urination. That’s a real medical issue for many out there. Hopefully not for you.

Small Penis can be a Medical Issue

This condition is known as Micropenis and it is often associated with birth defects or hormone deficiencies. It begins already in the womb or during early development. The most common treatment for this condition is a short stint of intensive hormone therapy. Surgical procedures are rarely used because the results have been shown to be largely ineffective.

smallpenisporscheBut if you don’t suffer from micropenis, you just think your dick’s too small for normal sexual life, then you need a different approach. Because having a bigger dick can be a big boost in your life and the life of your partner. And you don’t even need to buy a Porsche in order to compensate for your size.

Reasons to increase penises on a personal level are more associated with the psychological well-being. A part from exaggerated and unreasonable cases, they are quite valid. It is no coincidence that very few men talk about the harrowing experiences they have had in public, office and school urinals.

Unlike women, men are generally forced to expose their penises to the curious eyes of onlookers and, while many readers may smirk, it can be so traumatic for some, that the effects are carried throughout the rest of their lives. You start to lose self esteem, you think less of yourself and in the end, it all goes down to not being able to get it up. And you definitely don’t want that. It’s better to rely on your extender and get it over with (click here to find how to get Sizegenetics for free).

Avoid Small Dick Embarrassment

So men are constantly in pressure by society or their poster boys, or pop icons to be bigger in size. But not only that. The reasons behind this desire should also come of age, so to speak. Once you are in an adult relationship, you would want to have your wife love the whole of you. The real benefit from a larger penis is the added pleasure you can give your partner in the bedroom. 

It is about shifting your attention away from whether or not they are feeling anything to when, how and where your partner gets worked up the most. A bigger penis can give you the confidence to take your sexual prowess to new levels and drive your partner to climax as many times as you, if not more. You won’t find real men measuring each other’s penises in the toilets, you’ll find them caressing their partners and asking what they liked and didn’t like, and what they would perhaps like to try next time. That is real love. That is real sex.

So here is it in short, the

Top 5 benefits of bigger penis

  1. More confidence in dressing rooms (if you are into sports, you will know what this means)
  2. More confidence among other men, and women alike
  3. More self esteem among women
  4. Longer and harder erections
  5. Much better sexual experience

The reason I did my “workout” with Size genetics a couple years ago was 3, 4 and 5. Maybe you read that my former girlfriend left me because I was too small. But after my experience with Sizegenetics, I have had hugely positive impact both on my self esteem and my sexual life generally.

So there, you have it.

It is medically, socially and life-ally better if you have at least a normal sized penis to use for whatever you want to use it. It is now your decision to make, wether you really need to increase the size of your dick, but know this, if you do go down this road, you might be making the right decision for a better life. More interesting life. More confidence. And automatically, more women. If that’s what you’re after.