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My road to SizeGenetics – a review by a (not so) average dude

It happened on the morning of my 25th Birthday. I thought it would be the best day of my life. Quarter of century and all. My girlfriend Rebecca near me. She was hot. And she was with me. I thought I had the world by the gut. I had a good job. My life was sorted out. It was supposed to be the best day of my life. But one little thing changed that forever.

We woke up around 8AM, and I still remember how thrilled I was. It was Saturday, no work, great sunny day at the beginning of spring. All I wanted to do for starters, was stay in bed and have sex. It was supposed to be like that. It was my birthday for fucks sake. I still remember it like it was yesterday.

But Rebecca acted strange. She was turning away from me, loking in the other direction. She said she had to pee at least five times. Then she said something like “Let’s get a coffee first”. I was puzzled in the beginning, like, what is happening, and all. Decided to get out of the bed and walked to kitchen, where she just looked at me over coffe and like it was the most natural thing in the world, she said:

“Steve I’m leaving you” – then she made a pause – “your dick’s just too small.”

WHAT ??? I couldn’t belive my own eyes and ears. I mean, I knew I wasn’t some Hollywood actor, nor that guy from a porn movie with a dick a size of a baseball bat, but what the… I didn’t expect that!!! WHAT THE FUCK, I thought!

“I love you for who you are”? Yeah, right. Bullshit!

“Size doesn’t matter” What a LOAD OF crap!

She never said anything before. Three and a half years, and NOW she comes to tell me I am TOO SMALL?


I thought that we were fine. But she said it just didn’t get her juice flowing.

I thought that we were good. But she said she wants to feel the power of her man.

I thought that she loved me. Maybe she did, I will never know. All I know is, that Sunday she moved out.

Took me couple of years to regain confidence, mostly because I was unsure what to do. Lost all faith in myself, was avoiding women in general let alone relationships, and sometimes I just thought I will never find a girl again.

The small size of my penis just haunted me like some ugly beast from a Horror movie I saw when I was 7.

I tried pulling and pushing and eating right and shaving and not thinking about it and thinking about it. NOTHING worked.

Out of fear that all chicks will laugh at my small dick, I never even considered there is hope.

I wanted to believe there is some kind of solution. I even faked a penis disease in order to make doctors tell me if I can get it bigger. But they soon realized I was full of crap. So in desperation, I decided I will just live without sex, work in a cubicle for the rest of my life and probably be forgotten in couple of years (I know I know, I was stupid… anyway).

But then there was this newspaper article that I read, and that one changed my life! It was about a clinically proven penis extender called SizeGenetics.

At first I didn’t believe anything like that could work. Being so lost and wanted to have sex so badly (who doesn’t, shit, I am a man, I have needs, even more so because then I was still very young) I said to myself I will try anything. Anything I can do to regain my old confidence and try to improve my manhood. But I mean, penis extender? Penis enlarement? Seriously? A device to increase your penis naturally? At first I was not convinced. Not at all. It all sounded to me like some kind of a weird joke. But on the other hand, I was also pretty desperate about my dick being too small.

So I decided to go for it. I took all the strength I had and even it felt utterly strange – between weird and embarrased at the same time – I bought this penis extender. I knew this was my last chance. There would be nothing else if this didn’t work.

Well what do you know! Couple of months later, I was still to shy to just go out and meet girls in a bar, so I decided to use this site (click link) and couple of days later I was dating again. The thing worked. Like a bomb! I coudn’t believe it myself, but the size and the feel both proved me wrong.

No girl said anything deminishing about my size anymore, ever. If there is anything I remember from that time of “dating with new penis”, it was the words like “oh, yeah” or “I like it” when they took a look at my dick.

It was so good to finally have my manhood back. I was again the man with a normal dick. I was complete.

I met a nice girl, seriously improved my life. Not sure if its related, but I even got a raise at my job (and no, I didn’t have to have sex with anyone for that).

Fast forward to couple of years later, here I am happliy married, confident and on good terms with both my penis and my sex life.
I have not looked back since.


That, my friend, is my story… So why am I telling it? YOU HAVE TO KNOW THIS:

This page was created for those men who could relate, who lost or never had confidence and self esteem because they thought or were told they are not big enough.

You can read my thoughts on penis extender applications, and also a personal review of SizeGenetics here, it’s a kind of a review with the most important data. In time, this website became much more then just a confession (I had to unload this burden, to be honest) because the topic started to interest me a lot, so I was looking into it more and more everyday.

If You need some basic data on how to increase your penis size, you can start here.